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Weber®'s New Smokefire Grill

    We're very excited to be stocking this new addition to Weber's great line of outdoor barbecues.  The new Smokefire grill is a pellet grill that, to put in basic terms, kicks the competition to the curb.  We saw this grill last Fall at the True Value Fall Market and we were blown away by its features.

    First, unlike its rival pellet grills who's top temperatures are 425 degrees, the Smokefire grill can reach 600 degrees for true searing of steaks.

    Second, the pellet auger system is a big improvement over its competitors by separating the auger from the fire box, thus avoiding the potential for auger jams and fires.  In addition, the base of the fire box is grated so the ashes fall through, eliminating ash buildup that reduces fire efficiency.

   Third, the grill is porcelain coated instead of powder-coated, eliminating flaking paint off the surface.

    And what grill would be complete without Bluetooth capability.  With this, you can set your grill temperature and monitor it from your phone.  You can also use the included meat probe, set the desired core temperature of your roast and your phone will tell you when your roast is ready.

    We bought the first one when the shipment arrived at our store and we've been having a great time so far, feasting on seared steaks and baby back ribs.  If you have had a pellet grill before, or the one you currently own is disappointing you, you owe it to yourself to come on in and check out the new  Weber® Smokefire Pellet Grill.

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Here's a great video, showing the awesome features of theis new grill!