Cali Pro Vinyl Flooring





Aged Hickory Waterproof Vinyl Flooring with a 50 year warranty, installed in a weekend.

Installing Cali Pro Vinyl


Thursday morning, after pulling out the old carpet and pad, we had to do a thorough check for any nails or staples that might be left behind.


For the next step, we decided to add an additional 3/8" plywood subfloor to bring the level up to match the kitchen flooring height.


By that evening, we were starting to lay down planks.  There's a learning curve to do a proper job, but it's definitely worth it.


Friday, mid-morning, we were starting to hit our stride.  Note the optional Cali Complete insulation layer being installed.  It makes the floor, quieter and warmer in the winter.


See where the old carpet butted up to the old vinyl in the kitchen?  By putting that 3/8" plywood down in the family room first, before putting down the new planks...


...we were able to go right over the old vinyl seamlessly.  It's pretty darn easy!

Cali® Vinyl Flooring

     We have free samples of the 14 different styles in this marvelous product line with a sample section laid out in our Paint Department.  This product pencils out at $3.79 per square foot and is shipped direct to your door.  Shipping runs $25 per box for the first 4 boxes and a flat rate of $150 for larger orders.


Shop Before You Shop

Now, you can buy from the shelves in our store before you even get in your car.  Then, just walk in our door and pick up your order, ready and waiting.  Click HERE!


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