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Click here to see our plumbing advice page with common answers to why your house is filling up with water and pouring out the windows.

Faucet Extravaganza!

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You have got to check out our new 16' display of kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, and tub/shower faucets.  We've got all the great brands including Delta, Moen and Kohler.

New Items

Stainless Steel Pipe and fittings

    Recently, we've brought in a large selection of stainless steel pipe and pipe fittings, ranging from 1/8" all the way through 3/4".

    For many, many years, those wanting to put high quality pipes in their house would use brass instead of galvanized pipe.  Brass is less prone to deteriorating than galvanized and can handle hard water better.  Stainless pipe has those same qualities and actually costs less than brass right now.

    This plumbing line is also ideal for plumbing with corrosive chemicals.

    If you are interested in stainless pipe for your next project, but need something bigger than 3/4", we can order pipe and fittings up to 2" to fit the bill.